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Just like in a symphony, we use our instruments to produce the most harmonious result; the elements of our own orchestra are our products, services, consultancy and solutions



How many times have we sat down to chat with our customers over a good coffee, how many times have we heard them say they wanted this or that solution, how many times have we tried together to get to the bottom of a thorny issue? It is this which has led to the creation of our products; it is this which inspires our constant endeavour to find the one that best suits
your needs.

MoONE - Monitor One

Want to have complete and immediate visibility of all your infrastructure and monitor your entire system from a single console? Now you can with MoONE designed by BeSafe to handle not only the technical side but also the admin involved in your IT platform. MoONE integrates Network Discovery, Inventory and Asset Management, Monitoring, Reporting, Alerting and Remediation all with a centralized interface.

Following an initial needs analysis phase, a bespoke version of MoONE is designed and subsequently modified by a highly qualified BeSafe specialist working together with the client. MoONE, a low cost modular solution, is available as a virtual appliance (perfectly integrated into the most common virtualization systems) or as a hardware appliance.

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Based on the powerful SonicWALL GMS (Global Management System), Sicura-GMS helps to combat the risk of network attacks by providing outsourced centralized management within a distributed and redundant environment and in-load balancing. Working remotely from the customer’s LAN, Sicura-GMS, can govern, configure and update the customer’s software through a secure channel.

Using a very simple and intuitive centralized console, Sicura-GMS constantly monitors the health of each device and periodically generates verification reports.

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We developed Sicura-Store to solve all your computer backup issues. Based on the CrashPlan ProE engine, our solution will remove all your concerns relating to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and with the dissemination of corporate data.

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Effective antivirus management does not mean merely keeping an up-to-date list of viruses. It means following the development of new features, engine updates and, importantly, ensuring programs are functioning correctly.

Sicura-Virus makes all this possible and our qualified staff is always on hand to give personalized service and any technical support required.

Viruses, spyware and adware are monitored continuously by the unified malware detection engine offering total protection. Based on the Sophos engine, the Sicura-Virus service provides all the capabilities of a veritable End Point Security solution, and is much more than a run-of-the mill antivirus program.

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Sicura-Web combines the features and flexibility of a dedicated web server with the reliability and convenience of a virtual server. Released in two different versions, Sicura-Web DEDICATO and Sicura-Web CONDIVISO are adapted each time to suit the needs of the client company.

Using Sicura-Web service is made simple and efficient by the constant presence of BeSafe specialists.

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Analysis and Design

We prefer the small shop to the supermarket!
It’s in the shop where we find someone who asks us what we want and how we want it; it’s a place where people and relationships matter. We like to think of our work like that. We will ask you what you want and how you want it. Then we’ll take care of it for you and use our experience to give you exactly what you require.

First we conduct a needs analysis to give us an overview of the situation and then produce a design project with due attention to detail. Only then do we step in with concrete action.

Innovation does not mean scrappage. It means integration.
Existing solutions may often be very good, but fail to be valued assets when they are poorly deployed. If you need to draw up a Security Policy and set out Disaster Recovery plans we’ll be at your side.

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Our team is in constant training!
Which is why we are always in the best shape, modern professional all-rounders who can skilfully play their way round issues of Security, Systems and Virtualization and work with the latest technology in the market.

System Hardening, Risk Analysis and Vulnerability Assessment are just some of the areas in which you can ask for our support and our advice.

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Our services


We don’t like talking about football: we prefer playing the game.
That’s why our "players" are not standing on the touchline, but always on the field. That’s how we are able and ready to offer our customers the efficient modular service they’re looking for.

Help-Desk Phone Service
A Help-Desk contract with BeSafe guarantees phone contact with the support team.

Remote assistance
Take advantage of this remote service to benefit from prompt action, with no need to wait for an available on site technician.

Personal on-site service
A service offered to places where there is no IT personnel able to carry out maintenance work or which require support only in the short and medium term.

Product Sales

We don’t take brand reputation for granted.
Before we included any products in the select range we propose to our customers, we ensure they have been carefully tested and approved by our technicians.

Preferiamo essere rivenditori di un numero ristretto di soluzioni, convinti come siamo che solo proponendo il meglio possiamo interpretare con chi ci ha concesso fiducia il ruolo di partner affidabile.

BeSafe recommends products from a number of IT manufacturers including:

BeSafe is a member of Italy’s Electronic Market for Public Administration (MEPA) a digital portal used by registered authorities to search, compare and acquire goods and services from authorized providers.

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We prefer tailor-made suits to those “off-the-peg”! Drawing on our many partnerships with major hardware and software manufacturers, we can “suit” you with the best, the added value in technical support as always by our skilled “tailors”.

BeSafe solutions range from infrastructure to bespoke designs for Networks, Security systems and Virtualization.

One tangible example of what we propose is our solution based on a market-leading technology, which includes a start-up kit to be able to take immediate advantage of Strong Authentication. This solution can safeguard an entire IT infrastructure, from Windows sign-on to the security of wired and wireless environments.

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Similarly by using our Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Test a company can detect the state of its IT security, and carry out a thorough and effective Security Analysis.

Developed and designed on the basis of a customer’s specific needs, the solution focuses on the critical aspects of IT infrastructure, and as such is conceived, designed and scheduled in conjunction with the customer.

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