Emanuele Tricarico

Born amid the hills of Valtrompia, Emanuele came down to the big city in search of love and work. He obtained his High School Diploma despite years largely spent thinking of other things. Rock music is just one of his passions: he has tried his hand at strumming the guitar and bass, and for a brief period of glory was a vocalist in a band. Something of a petrolhead, he’s never happier than when behind the wheel driving far and wide in search of unusual fascinating places, always of course, with appropriate musical accompaniment. Considering himself a gourmet, he loves fine food as well as messing about in the kitchen. A high scorer in the nerd-stakes, he cut his teeth on Lego bricks, video and computer games - all of which he still loves, along with every kind of gadgetry. A childhood dream was to go into show business, first as an actor, then as a director, he now enjoys creating and editing videos and doing voiceovers. He’s also an inveterate fan of films and TV serials which he even watches in the original language. A new boy in the purchasing department, he’s striving to learn something new every day and contribute to the success of Besafe.

Emanuele says: “Know how to listen and yearn to learn”