Maurizio Bertaboni

Though Milan born, Maurizio has always lived on Lake Garda. He plays the piano and the bass guitar and for a few years has been getting to grips with the violin. He has recently taken up wood carving. Somehow he managed to get through classics in High School despite devoting all his time to the PC and neglecting the works of Seneca and Cicero. He entered the world of Linux in 1999 and encountered Macintosh in 2000, becoming a Web Designer and then Systems Engineer. He set up his own consultancy business in 2006, discovering an ever-increasing vocation as a programmer. When he joined BeSafe as a partner in 2010, he threw himself headlong into secure programming and to the provision of IT services. Ever passionate about retrocomputing and modding, L8 player of Ingress, he considers himself the “hacker” of the group.

Maurizio says: “It’s never finished, it can always be improved”